Primary and Annual Returns

Councillors, the CEO and certain employees are required to disclose personal financial information in two types of returns – primary and annual.

Section 5.74 of the Act defines a relevant person as:

  • Mayor;
  • Councillor; and
  • designated employee.

Designated employees include:

  • CEO;
  • employees with delegated powers and duties;
  • employees who are members of committees comprising Councillors and employees; and
  • other employees nominated by the local government.

Members of committees who are not elected members or employees of the local government are not required to complete returns.

A primary return is a snapshot of personal financial information as it exists upon the relevant person’s start date and must be lodged within three months of the start date.

An annual return retrospectively discloses any changes to the information previously disclosed in the primary return or new interests accumulated for the period since completing the primary return or last annual return and must be lodged no later than 31 August in any year.

Section 5.88 of the Act requires the CEO to keep all primary and annual returns lodged in a Register of Financial Interests.  

Section 5.96A(1)(i) of the Act requires the name of each Councillor and position of each designated employee who lodged a primary and/or annual return for a financial year to be published on the Shire’s website.

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