Strategic Community Plan 2023 - 2033

The Shire of Beverley Strategic Community Plan maps out our vision and represents a clear direction for Council. 

Council has recently completed a new Strategic Community Plan (Adopted November 2023). 

This Strategic Community Plan has been developed using previous plans, data, and surveys as its foundation. It has been ‘checked’ and priorities reconfirmed by the community and Council to ensure continuity and demonstrated progress towards our vision and purpose.

This Strategic Community Plan guides Council for the next 10yrs and it has a key place in the Shire’s delivery and management of services and infrastructure.

Since the previous plan was adopted in 2018, the Shire has achieved:


Construction of Moort Wabiny Park

Town Hall upgrades to the kitchen, flooring and entries

Construction of the Lesser Hall Courtyard

Upgrades to a number of Hunt Road Village Units

Completion of the Swimming Pool Feasibility Study and completion of design upgrades



Brooking Street Walk Trail

County Peak Trail Plan

Review of the Trails Master Plan


Continued road upgrades including bitumising of town site roads, widening of gravel roads. 

Construction of onsite cabins at the Beverley Caravan Park

Employment of a Projects Officer

New Business at the Industrial Area

New Businesses at the Cornerstone Building

Avondale Feasibility Study

Completion of Vincent Street redevelopment funding and upgrade


Completion and continuation of 5 year recordkeeping plan

Completion and continuation of Statutory requirements - eg Annual Reports, Disability Access and Inclusion Plan, Budget Reports and Long Term Financial Plan

Our Strategic Community Plan is based on community input and our research to ensure our future is sustainable. 

The Plan

There are four strategic pillars to our Strategic Integrated Plan – economy, community, environment and civic leadership. For each pillar there is an aspiration and desired outcomes. The Shire will report against these outcomes.
Within each pillar there are details of what we will focus on aside from our ‘business as usual’ approach and desire for continuous improvement.
Strategic Pillars:
1. Economy
2. Community
3. Environment
4. Civic Leadership

Strategic Priorities

1.1 Safe, efficient and connected transport network
1.2 Reliable and fast telecommunications
1.3 Beverley attractions and experiences are promoted
1.4 Stable increase in the resident population
1.5 Local business growth
1.6 Locals can participate in the workforce

2.1 High quality arts and cultural experiences
2.2 Preservation and protection of local heritage
2.3 Active and healthy community
2.4 Older residents feel safe and connected

3.1 Diverse recreation and leisure activities amongst our natural assets
3.2 Well prepared for adverse natural events
3.3 Natural resources are sustainably managed

Civic Leadership
4.1 Community and customer focus
4.2 Continuous organisational improvement
4.3 Responsible planning

Current Informing Strategies:
Disability Access and Inclusion Plan | Corporate Business Plan | Annual Budget | Asset Management Plan | Workforce Plan | Long Term Financial Plan | Local Planning Strategy and Scheme | Public Health Plan | ICT Policy

Previous Strategic Community Plans

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