Strategic Community Plan 2017 - 2027

Minor Review - July 2021

Council has recently completed a minor review of the Strategic Community Plan and is now seeking public comment.

Please CLICK HERE to download and comment.

Please return your feedback by Friday 6 August by email or mail PO Box 20, Beverley WA 6304 or in person at the Admin Office Mon-Fri 8.30am - 4.00pm

Current Plan - to be updated after the Minor Review

The Shire of Beverley Strategic Community Plan maps out our vision and represents a clear direction for Council.

It serves as the key strategic planning tool, and it contains the primary aims, strategies and priorities to advance the Shire’s vision of “A Place for Community”.

The Shire has recognised the importance in identifying progress made since its first strategic community plan in 2013, to provide a point of measurement for Council and to review growth and challenges encountered which can be learnings for the future.

Since our first strategic plan the Shire has achieved:


Beverley Function and Recreation Centre upgrade

Age Friendly Audits

Community Grants Program

Upgrades to the Beverley Swimming Pool

Assisted the community with lighting at the Airfield



Storm Water Harvesting

Reuse Water Scheme


Continued road upgrades including bitumising of town site roads, widening of gravel roads and the introduction of a ten year footpath program.

Vincent Street Redevelopment proposal

Employment of Avondale Executive Liaison Officer and Tourism Officer

Industrial Land availability

Construction of the Cornerstone Building


Completion and continuation of Integrated Planning

Adoption of the Local Planning Strategy and Town Planning Scheme

Our Strategic Community Plan is based on community input and our research to ensure our future is sustainable. Whilst it is recognised that not all outcomes can be delivered immediately, the Plan will guide our decisions over the next ten years.

Thank you to the members of the community who provided input into the plan as well as Elected members and staff.

The Plan

Our Strategic Community Plan is a Council visionary document for the next ten years, based on community feedback, our current position and desired position. This plan will guide our decision making. It has a key place in the Shire’s delivery and management of services and infrastructure, and it is important to our community because it:

  • Provides short term and medium term strategies with a long term vision in mind
  • Includes core drivers to use as a decision making criteria in the future - developed by Council
  • Identifies our strengths, the risks and opportunities for Council
  • Identifies who the plan is for (community – electors, ratepayers, permanent residents and temporary visitors)
  • Provides points of measurement which can be linked to Council and staff key performance indicators

Under the Local Government (Administration) Regulations 1996, state government legislated an integrated framework for corporate planning and reporting. This framework requires all local governments in Western Australia to have two key documents: a Strategic Community Plan and a Corporate Plan, which are supported by informing strategies including the Workforce Plan, Asset Management Plan and Long Term Financial Plan.

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