Fire Break Order


All owners and occupiers of land are required on or before 1 November every year to provide and thereafter maintain free of all inflammable material until 15 April of the following year, 
firebreaks as stipulated in the manner described in the following schedule



Rural Holdings: ALL rural properties are required to provide on the property, an operational independent mobile water filled firefighting unit with the water capacity of not less than 600 litres to be at the ready throughout the Prohibited and Restricted burning period.

Small Rural Holdings: All rural properties equal to or less than 100 hectares in size are required to have constructed and maintained a 2.2 metre firebreak  clear of all flammable material along all external boundaries and mobile firefighter with 600+ capacity.

Note: An exemption applies when the small landholding is managed by neighbouring/adjoining landholder for agricultural purposes and this information is to be provided to the Shire in writing by the landowner.

Buildings and Haystacks: A fire break of at least 4 metres wide and not more than 60 metres from the perimeter of all buildings (including temporary dwelling e.g. caravans) and/or haystacks or groups of buildings and/or haystacks so as to completely surround the building, haystacks  and/or fuel dumps.

Bulldozed Bush: A fire break 20 metres wide shall be maintained immediately inside the external boundaries of all land which has been bulldozed, chained or prepared in any similar manner for clearing by burning (whether it is intended to burn the bush or not).

Stationary Pumps/Motors: A fire-break 4 metres wide shall be cleared and maintained around all stationary pumps and motors.

Plantations: All plantation firebreaks must be maintained. All new plantations and extensions to current plantations must have a minimum 6 metre firebreak installed on all boundaries of the plantation.

Harvesting, Hay and Straw Baling Operations: During the period when harvesting and hay / straw baling operations are being conducted, there shall be provided in the same paddock or within 400 metres of that paddock, an operational independent mobile firefighting unit having a water capacity of not less than 600 litres. The tank of the unit shall be kept full of water at all times during the harvest and hay/straw baling operations.

Operation Of Plant and Machinery: During the restricted and prohibited burning times, ALL MACHINERY AND TRUCKS shall not be operated on rural land unless fitted with a fire extinguisher.

On days of HARVEST BANS there shall be no movement of any vehicles within paddocks. Please note that this does not apply to a TOTAL FIRE BAN which has separate restrictions (see DFES website)


 Paddock Burns: At any time throughout the year, where a landowner intends to burn  paddocks, the following must be provided to prevent the escape of fire:

  1. A fire-break 2.2 metres wide clear of all inflammable material completely surrounding the area to be burnt.
  2. An operational fire-fighting unit having a capacity of not less than 600 litres.
  3. Permits to burn may be required. Refer to the Shire of Beverley website for Permit Application requirements.


All lots with an area of 2.012ha (5 acres) or less, shall be clear of all flammable material or have grass mown to a height no greater than 15cm.

All lots or combination of lots that comprise of one holding and having an area greater than 2.012ha (5 acres) shall be either clear of all flammable material or have a firebreak 2.2 metres wide free of all flammable material inside and along all external boundaries.


There is a ban on the use of blade slashers or mowers on any dry vegetation during the PROHIBITED BURNING PERIOD.

Fuel Dumps: You shall remove all flammable materials or material likely to become flammable during summer from land occupied by bulk storage tanks and/or drums used for storage of liquid fuel whether the bulk storage tanks and/or drums contain fuel or not. This includes the land on which the ramps for holding the drums are constructed. The flammable free ground must be maintained to a distance of 4 metres outside the perimeter of any drum, stack of drums or drum ramp or bulk storage tank.

Variations to Requirements: For permission to provide fire-breaks in alternative positions or by an alternative date or to take alternative action to abate fire hazards on the land, an application must be made no later than 14 days prior to the date that fire-breaks are required. I permission is not granted by the Shire or its duly authorised officer, you shall comply with the requirements of this notice.

Penalty for Failure to Comply: The penalty for failing to comply with this notice is a fine of up to $1000. If the owner or occupier fails to carry out the works required by this Fire-break Order the Shire of Beverley may enter the land and prepare the fire-breaks at the cost of the owner or occupier.

Burning: If the requirements of this notice are carried out for burning, such burning must be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Bush Fires Act 1954.

Angle Grinders and Welders: The use of Angle Grinders, Welders or similar equipment should be undertaken with extreme caution and there shall be in attendance an operational fire fighting appliance. (The use of this equipment is not permitted on days of which a fire ban has been declared.)

Access: All access driveways to and from buildings must be kept clear of obstructions 3.0m wide and 4.0m high.