Disability Access & Inclusion Plan

What is a Disability Access and Inclusion Plan?

The Western Australian Disability Services ACT (1993), amended 2004, part 5 requires State Government agencies and Local Governments to develop and implement a Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (DAIP).

The Shire of Beverley DAIP was first adopted in November 2007. The current DAIP was adopted at the December 2018 Council Meeting (DAIP 2018-23).

Development of the 2023-2028 DAIP

Development of the 2023 - 2028 DAIP is underway. The Shire invites everyone in the community to complete the following survey by clicking on the surveymonkey link:


The results from the survey will filter into our workshops and inform the new DAIP. Community workshops are expected to be held in early November.

The current 2018-2023 DAIP is available here:

Click here to download the 2018-2023 Disability Access and Inclusion Plan.