Dead Finish Museum

This building was originally built as a hotel in 1872. At that time it was the centre of Beverley but the coming of the railway fourteen years later drew the town towards the station leaving the Dead Finish out of the main stream of business.

Operated by the Beverley Historical Society, this museum will give you a fascinating insight into the early days of settlement in Beverley and has a lovely garden featuring sandalwood. The museum staff are helpful and very knowledgeable.

Open Sundays, between March and November or by arrangement with the committee. Please contact Joy 0427 411881, Maree 96461149 or Delys 96461075.  For all other enquiries email

The Historical Society is always looking for new volunteers to assist them in their efforts.

Beverley Aeronautical History

The Old Beverley Aeronautical Museum has been demolished. All items that were within the collection were returned to donors, deaccessioned by other means or will be used within new displays. 

You can now visit the Cornerstone Building to interactively participate and view Beverley's full aeronautical history. You can even "experience" a glider flight standing on your own two feet! The Cornerstone Building is located at 141 Vincent Street, Beverley.

We hope to see you there soon.


On Hunt Road you can visit the Vampire Jet display and the Amana Memorial. Located behind these are panels detailing Beverley's history with flight and aviation. Available to view 7 days a week.


Avondale Machinery Museum

Situated just 6kms west of town on Waterhatch Rd, Avondale offers visitors many interesting things to do.

Avondale will soon reopen to the public as advertised. Avondale Machinery Museum can also be opened by appointment - please contact the Shire Office to arrange.

The 1850's homestead is furnished in turn-of-the-century style and will carry you back to pioneer times, all set in extensive gardens. The 1890's stables house the Clydesdale horses. The Animal Nursery is a place where the young, and young at heart, can see and touch a variety of animals.

Avondale boasts one of the largest agricultural machinery museums in Western Australia, with many tractors in working order, a testimony to the advances of the past one hundred years. A picnic area and FREE gas BBQ's are provided.

Ferguson's Vintage Machinery Display

Barry and Kath Ferguson operate this private display of vintage machinery and appliances from days gone by. Located at 22 Hunt Road, Beverley, the display is also home to a very impressive vehicle registration plate collection and various items of local significance. Phone 08 9646 1034 for more information. Residence at 21 Dawson Street, rear of shed.

For more information on what to do in Beverley CLICK HERE to visit the Beverley WA information page.