President's Report

Budget 2020/21

Council adopted the 2020/21 Budget at its Ordinary Council Meeting on Tuesday 28 July 2020.


Planning of the 2020/21 Budget began during the COVID-19 pandemic to which Council moved swiftly to support our community through the development of a Hardship Policy; freezing of overall rates revenue and applying no increases to Council set Fees and Charges from the previous financial year. Guided by our Strategic Community Plan 2017-27 and the Long-Term Financial Plan, the  2020/21 Annual Budget includes the following highlights:


*      Vincent Street Streetscape Project;

*      Completion of the Youth Activity Area;

*      On-site Accommodation at the Caravan Park;

*      Replacement of the Grader and Truck;

*      Road and Footpath Programmes;

*      Railway Station Green Room Painting and Artificial Turf Replacement;

*      Town Hall Flooring and AV System Upgrade;

*      Avondale Machinery Museum Feasibility Study;

*      Continued support for Community development with Community Grants;

*      Lesser Hall Courtyard Area Development; and

*      Old Court House Roof Replacement.

Rate notices will be issued Monday 3 August. Beverley is one of the last remaining Councils in Western Australia to offer a 10% discount.

The due date for the 10% discount is Monday 7 September 2020

As previously mentioned in May 2020 we received advice from the Valuer General that rural assessments have been revaluated and values have increased at an average of 4.19%. Council are extremely disappointed that the State Government went ahead with this increase after lobbying by LG’s and WALGA not to implement this years valuations, particularly in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. This ultimately means that even though Council will not be increasing the overall revenue raised, some rural landowners may see a difference in their 2020/21 rates assessment when compared to their 2019/20 assessment.

Thank you to Shire staff and Council for their commitment to the 2019/20 budget which saw the completion of widening on Top-Beverley Road and Westdale Road; Bitumising on Yenyening Lakes Road, George Street and ANZAC Lane; new footpaths on Hopkins Street, Smith St and Forrest Street; installation of a Kinetic Sculpture, renovation of the Town Hall kitchen; gym equipment renewal; refurbishment of Hunt Road Village unit; updated tourism booklets; design of the swimming pool upgrade; construction of the Westdale Fire Shed  and successful grant funding applications to Lotterywest and Building Better Regions Fund.

Swimming Pool Redevelopment

For Community information, the Shire has postponed its application to CRSFF for the redevelopment of the pool in two stages. With the announcement of a potentially successful Building Better Regions Fund for the Vincent Street Streetscape project and two other large projects underway it is not financially possible for the Shire to extend this far. Council are still planning for this project to go ahead after the main street redevelopment with a current budget allocation of $60,000 to complete construction drawings, making it a shovel ready project. Thank you to community members who participated in the consultation throughout 2018 and 2019.

Cardboard Recycling Bin

The Avon Waste cardboard recycling bin can now be found at the end of Council Road.


Flag Raising Ceremony

There were approximately 100 people in attendance for the Flag Raising Ceremony held at the Shire of Beverley Office and Beverley Police Station on Friday 10 July. Raising the flags at the Shire Office were Toby Henry-Mourach, Kasey Ashworth and Isabelle Ochtman, with Welcome to Country and speech on behalf of CRANA by Lisa Mourach. At the Beverley Police Station Welcome to Country by Buddy Ugle and flag Raising by Shelby Glenn Ugle, Olivia Lucas and Dale Byron. Thank you to the Beverley Police Station and Beverley Golf Club for providing a lovely morning tea and to everyone who participated and attended.

It is hoped the Flag Raising Ceremony is the first small step in developing a Reconciliation Action Plan for the Shire of Beverley. It is planned to advertise for interested community members both Indigenous and Non-Indigenous to join a Council lead Committee in February 2021.


Out and about

On Tuesday 21 July it was fantastic to see the main street a buzz with activities including the Men’s Shed, Stay on your Feet, a Council Committee meeting, construction at the Youth Activity Area and what looked like 100 children entering the Cornerstone for Storytime! I trust it was a good book to keep the littlies entertained!

Also returning are the Community Markets back on the first Saturday of the month, the Op Shop every Friday and the Dead Finish Museum is open each Sunday (with some COVID-19 restrictions in place).

Cr Don Davis

Shire President

3 August 2020