President's Report

October 2019

Local Government Elections Saturday 19th October 2019

Early voting in the Shire of Beverley Local Government elections is now open at the Shire office polling booth during normal office hours 8.30am – 4pm up to Friday 18th October. The polling booth will be open on Saturday 19th October 8am – 6pm and anyone requiring a postal vote will need to contact the Shire no later than 11th October 2019. There are 6 candidates and whilst voting is non-compulsory I strongly encourage you to take an interest in your Council and cast your vote to fill the 4 vacancies.


Central Country Zone Meeting

The Central Country Zone of Local Governments includes the 15 Shires of Beverley, Brookton, Corrigin, Cuballing, Dumbleyung, Kulin, Lake Grace, Narrogin, Pingelly, Quairading, Wagin, Wandering, West Arthur, Wickepin and Williams. A Zone meeting was held at the town hall on Friday 30th August 2019, Beverley last hosted this meeting in August 2015. Many of the delegates visited the Cornerstone building with glowing accolades for what has been achieved.  



Tree lopping has been occurring on the western side of the Shire. Whilst $80,000 is included in the 19/20 budget to prune tree overhang along roadsides this task is a never-ending challenge. Maintenance grading has continued. The airstrip has been sprayed and minor repairs undertaken on the bitumen section of the runway.


Bridge Maintenance

The Shire of Beverley is responsible for maintaining 34 bridges and to be eligible for bridge refurbishment and replacement funding  the Shire is required to carry out annual inspections and keep up routine maintenance which includes vegetation control, bridge deck drainage, road surface on bridge and approaches, pile banding, stringer and corbel bolting, end grain treatment, bolt tightening, eradicate and prevent termite/fungi, deck and expansion joint maintenance, delineators and signs, guardrail maintenance, clear embankments and waterways. That’s a lot of bridges to look after, including some of the oldest in the state and in the case of Kokeby East Road also one of the longest, without a lot of external funding to do so. Main Roads WA carry out detailed inspections every 5 years and have requested that fences be removed from bridges to allow them access, if they are unable to, the bridge could be load rated to 10 tonne. The Shire asks for your understanding in finding a solution to this request and will be in touch with various landowners in the near future.

Old School Building

Council has resolved that the Old School Building become a Civic Centre to conduct all Council business and have requested that that a Concept Design be produced as proposed in the 19/20 budget. This change will enable much needed space in the Administration building to support day to day running of the shire.

360 ĚŠ Flights

Did you know you can follow the flights of a glider and the Silver Centenary on the aeronautical booth in the Cornerstone Visitor Centre? The photographer set up a 360 degree camera in each of those planes to record the flights. Viewers are able to shift the screen around and see what the pilot and passenger are viewing from take-off through to landing. It’s very easy to use however if you need help ask a CRC staff member during the week or come in on the weekend for a look when the volunteers are at the Visitor Centre.

Roadside Rubbish Concern

Could the person who left me a phone message several months ago about roadside rubbish please ring me again, your details weren’t saved before the message was deleted … sorry!


Avondale Farm Community Day

It was really pleasing to see so many visitors at the successful National Trust Avondale Farm Community Day which included the launch of short stay accommodation now available at the property, new signage around the heritage precinct and walk trail, potential of the Ag Museum as well as a range of activities and stalls for visitors to enjoy.

Councillors Ridgway and Shaw Retiring

Cr Lew Shaw and I have not renominated for the forthcoming Local Government Elections. We both commenced in 2007 and have greatly appreciated the opportunity to represent our community and share in the planning, development and progress which Council over that time has championed. Cr Shaw was Deputy President 2009 – 2011. I was Deputy President for 2 years and have been President for the last 10. With our retirement Council will no longer have broad acre farming representation. Thankyou to our wonderful Beverley community and best wishes to the incoming Council.


Shire President