President's Report

December 2018 

Christmas Light Competition 2018

Unravel the Christmas lights and dust off the decorations - the bi-annual Christmas light competition is on this year. Prizes are to be won, with announcement of winners at the Community Christmas Concert on Saturday 22nd December.


Vincent Street Bridge Refurbishment to Commence

The anticipated start date for refurbishment of the Vincent street bridge is January 2019. The Shire has received advice that the construction period will be around 36 weeks making completion later in the year, most likely around September/October. No doubt there will be some inconvenience for road users during this time, particularly larger vehicles, machinery and equipment. Our tolerance and patience will be rewarded by having wider lanes on the bridge and safer pedestrian access.  An area of the River Park will be used by the contractors to set up a works compound however the community will still be able to use and visit the park for picnics.


Alternative River Crossing

The impending refurbishment works on the Vincent street bridge provided an opportunity for the Shire and Main Roads WA to investigate and develop plans for an alternative river crossing to provide a crossing for larger vehicles, machinery and equipment when access to the bridge was restricted. It could then continue to be used, dependent on water levels, by larger items of plant and equipment on an ongoing basis to bypass the busier Vincent street precinct and also provide access to connect both sides of the town from a safety perspective should anything happen to the bridge in the future. Council made an allocation in the 18/19 budget to contribute toward this project however the tender has come back at $1.6m which is significantly more than originally considered a feasible project cost, making it well beyond Council means and unfortunately not able to proceed. A temporary crossing point for farm machinery is to be looked at for use during the bridge refurbishment however there is no guarantee this will be possible and river flow during the winter months may restrict its use if it is.


River Park Toilet Block Vandalism

In the October Blarney I reported there had been theft of two aluminum bench seats from the river park picnic/barbeque area. I am now very disappointed to advise there has been vandalism to the toilet block as someone has tried to dislodge the internal lighting. Fortunately these occurrences don’t happen often, however it is still such a shame when they do as the resources required to repair or replace could be better used elsewhere.


Cornerstone Update

The Community Resource Centre has moved into the Cornerstone building and is back to business as usual. By the time you are reading this the library has most likely been moved too, and once again, please be patient during this very exciting time! The visitor centre is still getting its finishing touches however is open during office hours if you wish to have look. The 1:5 scale model of the Silver Centenary plane has been installed and looks terrific.



A 1km section of Mawson road has been reconstructed, cement stabilised and widened to 7m. Work is underway on a 1.9km section of the Top Beverley road near Walgy road. Fencing near the Hunt road dam has been relocated to improve access for Shire trucks to fill with water. It is planned to plant low growing shrubs to screen the dam, pump and water tanks.


Local Government Act Review Phase 2

In 2017 the State Government announced a review of the Local Government Act 1995 which is the first significant reform of local government conducted in more than two decades. The objective is for Western Australia to have a new, modern Act that empowers local governments to better deliver for the community. In stage one Local Governments and community were invited to have their say on the priority reforms earlier this year. The drafting of a Bill which includes universal training for candidates and council members, council member code of conduct, improvements to CEO recruitment and performance review and a simplified gift framework is now underway. Stage 2 of the review has commenced. For more information or to contribute to the surveys which are open until 31st March 2019 visit


Western Power Aerial Surveying

Western Power have advised they are commencing their largest ever airborne survey of the physical network utilising LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology fitted to a small aircraft which will be flying at 2000 – 3000 ft. Data will be collect over 11 months and is expected to occur in the Beverley area during January 2019.


Avondale Volunteers Thankyou Morning Tea

Volunteers recently enjoyed a morning tea as a thankyou for their support of Avondale and were provided with an update on what is happening at the property. They were also able to contribute their thoughts and suggestions toward development of the Agricultural Museum which is held by the Shire on behalf of the community.


Reclaimed Pianos at the Town Hall

The Reclaimed Pianos performance at the Beverley Town Hall was a great family show, enjoyed by the young, not so young, and everyone in between. Normally active youngsters were mesmerised while the show was on and then quickly proceeded to use up their energy recreating some of what they had just watched when it was over. The event also recognised the hall’s 80th anniversary and there is more detail on this elsewhere in the Blarney. Thankyou to Beverley Station Arts for co-ordinating this event and to everyone who provided a plate of food for the traditional supper.


Shire Administration Centre Christmas/New Year Closure and Council Meetings 2019

The Shire Administration Centre and Library close 4pm Friday 21st December 2018 and will reopen 8.30am Wednesday 2nd January 2019. There is no monthly meeting of Council in January. The first monthly meeting of Council in 2019 will be held on Tuesday 26th February. 


Safe and Happy Christmas

This past year has been particularly busy for the Shire of Beverley. It’s been an exciting time too and we look forward to continuing to work with and for our community in 2019.  Best wishes for a safe, relaxing and happy Christmas and New Year and please take extra care on the roads.


Shire President