President's Report

October 2018 

OHS Award

Congratulations to Shire Staff for their recent Occupational Health & Safety Award received from Local Government Insurance Services. Sound work practices are helping to reduce insurance premiums and provide rebates back to the Shire for safety related initiatives such as the safety railing installed on the town hall roof for air conditioner servicing and maintenance.


IT Upgrade Completed

It is fortunate that a budgeted upgrade of the Shire’s IT system was completed early in the 18/19 financial year. In September when everyone was busily paying their rates the Shire was subjected to a Crypto lock which put the office out of action, however with the backups and support provided by Focus Networks who are the new IT provider, everything was back up and running by the end of a day. Several other shires were also subjected to the same problem and are understood to have taken days, and in one case weeks, to get things back in order.


River Park Picnic Area Theft

Council was in disbelief when informed about the theft of two aluminum bench seats from the river park picnic/barbeque area. The benches were bolted down so the theft was planned and deliberate. The Shire, and indeed our community, work hard to improve facilities for all to enjoy so it is distressing to know there are, or have been, such inconsiderate misfits about. If anyone has information or can help with enquiries please come forward.


Silver Centenary Model

Delivery and installation of the Silver Centenary Model Aircraft which was commissioned by the Shire for inclusion in the Cornerstone Museum/Visitor Centre is expected to occur later in October.


Caravan Park Power Upgrade

A power upgrade has been completed at the Beverley Caravan Park. The increase in use (and popularity) of the Park over the last 10 years is significant. You may have also noticed increasing use of the free 48 hour stopover at Apex Park. Feedback received by the Shire from users of both locations is very positive.


Local Government Elections 2019

Just a reminder your next opportunity to participate in Local Government Elections is October 2019. Non-resident rate payers need to be registered with the Shire in order to vote in Shire of Beverley elections. For any potential candidates there are 4 elected member terms which expire.


York Williams Road Giveway Signs

Councils concern about the “give way” intersections on York Williams Road with Westdale Road and Waterhatch Roads was followed up with Main Roads WA to enquire about the possibility of introducing stop signs. This concern has been reinforced by information from several situations when vehicles travelling on York Williams road haven’t abided by the give way signage. Advice received from Main Roads was that the site distances on both intersections are well above recommended for stop control and there is no recorded crash information for either of these intersections for the last five years to support such a requested change. Ironically the purpose of Councils concern is to prevent accident or death. Have you experienced any issues at these intersections? 


Town Hall Flag

The Australian Flag was flown full mast at the town hall early in September to recognize National Australia Flag Day.


Avondale Ag Museum

The Shire agreed to become custodian of the large Agriculture Museum at Avondale on behalf of the community in 2009 when management of the property was transferred from the Department of Agriculture to the National Trust WA. Community concerns were that the collection remains intact, at Avondale and available to the public. There were many volunteers helping, however this interest has gradually waned. The museum houses a significant collection of items representing development of agriculture in Western Australia, particularly the Wheatbelt and you have an opportunity to be involved in discussions about the future of it at a Community Forum in October, details on page 3 of the Blarney.



Shire President