President's Report

February 2024 


Vincent Street

Thank you to everyone for your patience as the contractors repair parts of Vincent Street damaged by water undermining the hotmix. The process of repair has involved the use of cement stabilization to overcome the problem.

Repairs are expected to be complete in the first week of February.

Beverley 2035

At the Electors’ meeting in December 2023, I was able to report on a new funding programme that had been identified: - “Finally, we come to a potential project that has very recently been identified but has yet to go to full Council for discussion and approval. A federal government funding scheme known as Regional Precincts and Partnership Program (rPPP) is open for application for projects that are based on partnerships covering a relevant area identified as a Precinct.
Divided into two Stages, with Stage one being funding just for planning and Stage two, being applications for funding for the actual work.”

Full Council met for a workshop on Wednesday 17th January with Mark Casserly as facilitator. The purpose of the workshop was to gain a better understanding of the requirements of the Programme and the potential for Beverley as we identify the many projects that could be developed for the betterment of the community. The initial stage is to work towards an application for funding to carry all the planning needed to progress to stage two.

It is apparent that this programme is unusual in its size with the amount of funding available and Mark Casserly highlighted that in all his years of consulting he has never encountered a Programme of this size.

The five-hour workshop explored the Programme and identified 10 areas that would form the basis of the eventual application. But. Before we can even contemplate the final application, there is a significant amount of work to be completed. A part of this work will be a process of community consultation, details of which will be developed over the coming months.

Parking in Vincent Street

Information provided the Beverley Post Office has been received regarding the driveway into the building. A vehicle was photographed parked across the driveway blocking access for Post Office staff and potentially Telstra.

This was not an isolated incident and that some people choose to place their egos and selfishness above community consideration is disappointing to say the least. In fact, ‘disappointing’ is very much a wet lettuce criticism and I am sure stronger criticism is warranted!

The driveway into the Post Office is a Clearway. No Parking permitted at any time.

Beverley does not have any parking By-laws at present as they are too hard to police and generally create ill will in the community. We rely on common sense and good manners to enable everyone access to parking as needed. Please consider others.


Cr David White

Shire President