Vincent Street Streetscape Project

24 February 2022 - Roadworks Update



Please be advised of the latest Vincent Street update with the following construction works scheduled for Vincent Street for the period from 2nd March 2022 to 31st March 2022:  

  • Ripping of road, importation of material, compacting/rolling & sealing;
  • Sealing of the road commencing on 28th March 2022.
  • Main Roads will be undertaking upgrade/resealing works at the intersection of Hunt Road (Great Southern Hwy) from 16th March 2022. Please follow directions and traffic management in place.


Closure of Vincent Street

The above works will have the following implications:

  • Contractor will close down Vincent Street from Hunt Road/Great Southern Highway to the Forrest Street Intersection, the Men’s Shed Car Park & the IGA/Station Carpark;
  • Forrest Street Intersection will be closed from 16th to 31st March 2022. Please follow detour signage as indicated.
  • The Figtree Carpark will remain open during this time – accessible through detours from Queen Street;
  • Alternative car parking will be available as follows:
  • Next to Beverley Pharmacy;
  • On-street parking on Dawson, Queen and Forrest Streets;
  • The Cornerstone carpark


Fencing will be installed along the footpaths on both sides of the street for safety of the community, footpaths and shops will still be accessible. Fenced walkways will be available for accessibility from one side of the street to the other. Please adhere to all signage and instruction during this time as the safety of our community is our absolute priority.


The above approach will afford the contractors the opportunity to expedite the Road Reconstruction works.

This approach is necessitated in part by the Easter events normally taking place in Beverley. The aim is to have a sealed road and IGA/Station carpark by Easter.

Further road works will be done after Easter, including application of hot mix on the road and carparks, installation of kerbs and other works associated with the Streetscape project, i.e. the footpaths concrete pouring, wombat crossing installation, irrigation installation, tree planting, etc.

Further updates will be provided on the Shire’s Facebook page as they become available.

We are aware of the ongoing inconvenience the construction works are causing the community, and for that we sincerely apologise. We once again thank you for your patience.

Please feel free to contact the Shire if you have any specific queries or concerns on (08)9646 1200.


Stephen Gollan

Chief Executive Officer

24 February 2022

Previous Information (18 February 2022 now obsolete) 

Vincent Street Streetscape Project Updates

The following construction works are scheduled for Vincent Street for the period from 21 February 2022 to mid May 2022:  

  • Further profiling/milling - 21st and possibly 22nd February 2022;
  • Ripping of road, importation of material, compacting/rolling & sealing – this is envisaged to commence as soon as 1st March 2022.


Closure of sections of Vincent Street

The above works will have the following time and other implications:

  • Contractor proposes to close down Vincent Street in two sections (during separate times) for purposes of performing (post profiling) the following works: ripping, importation of material, compaction/rolling and sealing;
  • Western Section (A & B in sketch attached): From Hunt Road to front of IGA and Men’s Shed Car Park (Figtree and Station Car Parks to remain open – accessible through detours from Queen Street and Vincent Street east); then,
  • Eastern Section (C, D & E in sketch attached): From front of IGA to Forrest Street, including Station Car Park & Fig Tree carpark;
  • Closure will be approx. 3 x weeks per section;
  • Closure of Forrest Street Intersection for re-seal (F in sketch attached) – time period for closure approx. 6 days. Detours to be put in place via Horley Street and Bartram Street if required.


The Practical Completion date is now estimated to be 2 August 2022.  

 Further updates will be provided on the Shire’s Facebook page as soon as they become available.

 We are very aware of the inconvenience the construction works are causing the community, and for that we apologise. We once again thank you for your patience.

29 September 2021 - Update

Great news -  we have been advised the construction of the project will commence on Monday 11 October 2021. Get ready to say goodbye to unsightly power lines, old uneven footpaths and high kerbs, our new main street is finally coming!

To complete the project, there will at times be service interruptions, closures of footpaths, roads and carparks. Please follow all safety signage.

The “Fig Tree” carpark will be closed for the duration of the works and we apologise for this inconvenience. For busy times like Saturday mornings there is parking available at the Cornerstone Building; between the Chemist and Peppers Old Supermarket; between the Town Hall and Men’s Shed; and at the rear of the Shire building (weekends only).

The Shire in conjunction with Western Power, MG group (Civil contractor) and GHD will do its best to keep the community advised of all disruptions.

Please be patient during the works as the end goal will be well worth the short-term inconveniences. A large copy of the above sign, showing what’s planned for Vincent Street is located in the Fig Tree carpark facing the mainstreet (next to the fire warning sign), please have a read! 

29 June 2021 - Update

In exciting news for Beverley, Council have awarded a tender for the civil component (footpaths, road, curbing, drainage, street trees and furniture) of the Vincent Street Streetscape Project. The project has been scaled back to run from Hunt Road to Forrest Street. Unfortunately Vincent Street, east of Forrest Street and the Town Square were removed from the project due to budget constraints. In its entirety the project is expected to be $4.9M including the undergrounding of power. Council will raise a $1M loan for the project, use $685,000 from Reserves and $425,000 from General Revenue. $2.75M is funded through Federal Government grant funding including the BBRF and LRCI streams. Council will continue to look for any other funding to reduce its contribution. 

The Vincent Street Streetscape Project will create a safe, green and vibrant public area, with better seating and lighting. Enhanced pedestrian movement in and around the business area through traffic calming devices and safe crossing places. Vincent Street will also receive new drainage, curbing and level footpaths.

The project is expected to commence in October 2021 and be completed by June 2022. There will be traffic delays and inconveniences during this period but the outcome for Beverley is expected to bring economic gain for local businesses through increased tourism, the attraction of new people to town due to increased liveability and will have long lasting benefit for our future generations.

Previous News (2020)

Council are working towards the commencement of the Vincent Street Streetscape Project which will include the undergrounding of power, upgrades to drainage and footpaths and the general beautification of the main street from Hunt Road to the bridge. The original concept plans developed in 2014 from robust public consultation are being refined and updated for construction and tender.

A public consultation day of these refined drawings was held on Tuesday 8 September 2020, with comments open 3 - 11 September 2020. The consultation period has now closed.

Over the next 18 months there will be disruptions to access on Vincent Street and the Community will be asked for patience as the end outcome will improve safety, slow traffic, be inviting, return some greenery, improve parking and encourage visitors.

Businesses on the main street will be sent regular updates throughout the construction process.

Plans and Drawings

To view the drawings:

Concept Update:  Project Overview Signage

Please note the plans below are original drafts and may have since been changed, deleted or amended after the closing of the public consultation period:

First Drafts:

Vincent Street please CLICK HERE

Vincent Street Site Section CLICK HERE

Vincent Street Furniture Selection CLICK HERE

Vincent Street Tree and Planting Selection CLICK HERE

The consultation period has now closed.