Building Application Forms

Application Forms

Application forms can be collected from the Shire Office, by telephoning the Office on 9646 1200 or can be downloaded from

Application forms must be signed by the Applicant, Builder and Landowner before being submitted.

If you are unsure which is the correct application form, please contact the Shire’s Building Surveyor for advice.

Builder's License or Owner Builder's Requirements

Any domestic work with a value exceeding $20,001 must be carried out by a registered builder or under an owner builder’s permit.  Details of your builder or a copy of your owner builder’s permit must be provided at the time of lodging your application for a building permit. 

Information on how to obtain an owner builder’s permit is available from the Building Commission’s website at

Notice of Completion

A new requirement under the Building Act 2011 (for all classes of building) is that the Builder must submit a Notice of Completion within 7 days of finishing the work listed under the permit.

The purpose of this Notice of Completion is to establish an end date for the Building Permit, for compliance and record keeping purposes. It also defines the date that the Builder has fulfilled his compliance obligations under the Building Act 2011.

On site sewerage disposal (septic tanks)

To install a new system or carry out alterations to an existing onsite sewerage disposal system, such as a septic tank and leach drain, Aerobic Treatment Unit or other systems approval from the Shire’s Environmental Health Officer must be first obtained.  In some circumstances approval from the WA Department of Health is also required.

The WA Department of Health has a list of approved systems and it is advised that you discuss your needs with your local plumber to determine the most appropriate system to cater for your development and site.  Further information is available from the WA Department of Health’s website at Wastewater systems (

An application can be made by completing the form available from the Shire Office. This must be submitted with a fee of $236.00 and a site plan showing the proposed systems location and details of the system to be installed or altered.