Responsible Cat Ownership

Cat Ownership Under The Cat Act 2011

An act to:

  • Provide for the control and management of cats; and
  • Promote and encourage the responsible ownership of cats, and for related matters.

Cat owners now have to sterilise, microchip and register their pets according to legislation passed in the State Parliament in 2011. The legislation takes full effect from 01 November 2013.

The new Cat Act gives local governments the power to deal with cat owners that are not responsible, including cat hoarders, and with cats that are not owned.

The legislation will make way for better management of the unwanted impacts of cats on the community and the natural environment, causing nuisance and damage to property.

It also provides for the reunion of cats with their owners.

Registration And Tagging

The owner of a cat that has reached 6 months of age must ensure that the cat is registered with the local government in whose district the cat is ordinarily kept. Registrations expire 31 October each year.

Penalty: $5,000 fine for non-compliance

Owners of cats that are ordinarily kept in the district of the local government must make application for registration.
Appropriate forms available from the Shire Office or please CLICK HERE to download.

Cats must be:

  • Microchipped; and
  • Sterilised (unless exempt under the Act)

Applicants must be:

  • Over the age of 18
  • Not convicted within the previous years or convicted of 2 or more offences against:
      • The Cat Act 2011
      • The Dog Act 1976
      • The Animal Welfare Act 2002

Verification of information supplied for the purpose of cat registration will be required, either by way of suitable documentation or by statutory declaration within 21 days.

Local governments are required by law to refuse applications for registration if the applicant does not comply with the requirements within the specified time.


Breeding Of Cats

A person may NOT breed cats unless the person is an approved cat breeder.
PENALTY: $5,000 fine for non-compliance


Sterilised Male/Female 1 Year $20.00
Sterilised Male/Female 3 Year $42.50

Unsterilised Male/Female

(Registered Breeding Only)

1 Year $100.00

Lifetime Registration

Sterilised Male/Female


Pensioner Concession - 50% of fees except Registered Breeders.

Registrations expire 31 October each year.

Ranger: Matthew Sharpe 0459 678 154.

For the full brochure of Responsible Cat Ownership, click here.