President's Report

January 2018

Happy New Year - 2018 is going to Be Very Busy!

In addition to the regular services, facilities and customer support provided to residents by the Shire there are many additional activities also underway in 2018. These include completion of the Beverley Cornerstone; WANDRRA (WA Natural Disaster Relief Recovery Arrangements) funded road infrastructure repair following the flood damage early in 2017; continued implementation of the strategic 2016 – 2020 Beverley Tourism Planning Framework; investigation of opportunities for Avondale following a co-funding arrangement between National Trust WA and Shire of Beverley; and planning for future development of the Beverley Memorial Swimming Pool. There are various other things happening as well so the list is not exhaustive, however by the year’s end everyone might be!

RAV Road Ratings and Conditions of Usage

Restricted Access Vehicle (RAV) owners and drivers are reminded to be aware of RAV road ratings, including the various conditions that apply in order to access Shire roads. This information is available on the Main Roads WA website or by contacting the Shire office.  Most Shire owned roads with a RAV 4 rating require a speed limit of 40 – 60 km/hr.

Vincent St Banner Poles

Community feedback received via the Shire Comments Box between 1 November – 13 December indicated three quarters of respondents felt the main street banner poles should be removed in the near future rather than wait until Vincent st redevelopment occurs. There were also many suggestions that the poles be relocated elsewhere for continued use. Council has resolved to remove the 5 remaining banner poles from Vincent st and seek an alternative site to relocate them.

Congratulations Beverley Ski Club

Congratulations to the Beverley Ski Club for reactivating following election of a vibrant new committee. The popular Yenyening Lakes is seeing an ever increasing number of visitors for differing recreational pursuits and the clubs enthusiasm and commitment will be immensely helpful in developing a planning process to secure an area for water skiing and hopefully some long overdue facilities.


Beverley Soaring Society – Sculptures by the Sea 2018

The Beverley Soaring Society obviously has many talents! Following a successful pre-selection submission for Sculpture by the Sea a small group of enthusiasts have been busy preparing a project under the watchful eye of popular sculptor Geoff Overheu, who also happens to be a member of the club. It’s an exciting achievement to be invited to submit an entry in the competition. Hope you can get there for a look and maybe support the Soaring Society in the popular choice award. The 14th annual Sculpture by the Sea will be staged at Cottesloe Beach 2nd – 19th March 2018.  

Avondale Clydesdales

Those two big beautiful Clydesdales Robbie and Comet who reside at Avondale sure can eat ... a lot! If anyone is interested in sponsoring a bale or two of hay to assist the volunteer Avondale Farm Project Association with the boy’s upkeep please let me know.


Councillor Davis thought he was receiving an early Christmas treat when an email supposedly from my Councillor email arrived advising money was to be forwarded if he could provide his contact details. Sorry Don (and anyone else who may have received something similar) my Christmas finances were otherwise expended and didn’t include giving you any money! There have been a few odd emails doing the rounds at the office and this is being investigated. Please don’t give your details to anyone requesting them via email; ring and see what’s going on, and if it seems a bit suss, it most probably is.


Australia Day 2018 in Beverley

The Beverley Swimming Pool is the place to Be Very Cool on Australia Day with free entry and fun activities supported by the Shire of Beverley and Contract Aquatic Services.


On behalf of Council best wishes for the New Year to everyone.


Shire President