Strategic Community Plan


The Shire of Beverley Strategic Community Plan maps out our vision and represents a clear direction for the next ten years.

The Plan will serve as the key strategic planning tool, and it contains the primary aims, strategies and priorities to advance the Shire’s vision of “A Place for Community”.

My thanks go to the members of the community who played a vital role in providing the input and ideas via workshops, one to one meetings, and responding to a questionnaire.

Elected Member input needs to be recognised, which revealed a close alignment with the community aspirations.

In implementing this Plan, and maintaining its relevance through regular reviews, the objectives of the Strategic Community Plan will be effectively delivered by working in partnership with the community, other Shires, State and Commonwealth Governments, and the private Sector.


Dee Ridgway
Cr Dee Ridgway
Shire President 

The Plan

Our Strategic Community Plan (SCP) is a Council visionary document for the next ten years, based on community input and our research (Reference: Community Plan), to ensure our future is sustainable. Whilst it is recognised that not all outcomes can be delivered immediately, the Plan will guide our decisions over the next ten years.

The Corporate Business Plan identifies what we will achieve in the shorter term, and the steps we will take to reach our long term vision and will enable us and the community to review and monitor our progress towards achieving our aspirations.

Implementing this Plan will demand that the Shire not only continues to deliver and represent the community, but recognises that we can’t deliver alone. We will work in partnership with other Shires, State and Federal Governments, and the private sector, to advocate delivery of our Plan.

Click here to view the Strategic Community Plan - abridged.

Click here to view the Strategic Community Plan - unabridged.