Vincent Street Streetscape Project

Published on Wednesday, 30 June 2021 at 4:45:32 PM

Vincent Street Streetscape Project

In exciting news for Beverley, Council have now awarded a tender for the civil component (footpaths, road, curbing, drainage, street trees and furniture) of the Vincent Street Streetscape Project.

The Vincent Street Streetscape Project will create a safe, green and vibrant public area, with better seating and lighting. Enhanced pedestrian movement in and around the business area through traffic calming devices and safe crossing places. Vincent Street will also receive new drainage, curbing and level footpaths.

In its entirety the project is expected to be $4.9M including the undergrounding of power. Council will raise a $1M loan for the project, use $685,000 from Reserves and $425,000 from General Revenue. $2.75M is funded through Federal Government grant funding including the BBRF and LRCI streams. Council will continue to look for any other funding to reduce its contribution. The project has been scaled back to run from Hunt Road to Forrest Street. Unfortunately Vincent Street, east of Forrest Street and the Town Square were removed from the project due to budget constraints.

The project is expected to commence in October 2021 and be completed by June 2022. There will be traffic delays and inconveniences during this period but the outcome for Beverley is expected to bring economic gain for local businesses through increased tourism, the attraction of new people to town due to increased liveability and will have long lasting benefit for our future generations.


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