Shire President COVID-19 Statement

Published: Monday, 18 May 2020 at 4:00:00 PM

Shire of Beverley COVID-19 Update by Shire President

The health and well-being of the Beverley Community is the focus of Council as the COVID-19 response continues to change. The Shire of Beverley is keeping up to date with the latest Department of Health information so that the services and advice provided to the community are up to date. 

The most current advice from the Department of Health and the Premier of WA is currently:

Phase 2

18 May 2020

Social distancing, good hygiene and the 4 square metre rule apply to all activities.

Public gatherings

  • indoor and outdoor non-work gatherings of up to 20 people
  • weddings and funerals up to 20 people inside or 30 outside.

Dining out

  • cafés and restaurants with meal service, including within pubs, bars, clubs, hotels and casino
  • up to 20 patrons.

Return to work

Western Australians are encouraged to return to work, unless they are unwell or vulnerable.

Regional travel

WA Regional borders map

Restrictions relaxed, with travel allowed:

  • between the South West, Great Southern, Wheatbelt and Perth-Peel regions
  • between the Mid-West, Gascoyne and Pilbara regions (excluding the biosecurity zone)
  • within the Goldfields-Esperance region (excluding the biosecurity zone)
  • within Kimberley Local Government areas (the Commonwealth’s biosecurity zone remains in place).

Travel exemptions are still required to enter WA and travel between the 4 regions.

Fitness and recreation

  • non-contact community sports up to 20 participants
  • outdoor or indoor fitness classes with no shared equipment, up to 20 participants
  • public pools (1 indoor and 1 outdoor) permitted to open under strict rules and up to 20 patrons per pool.

Community facilities

  • places of worship, community facilities and libraries permitted to reopen
  • up to 20 patrons.

Advice for business

Businesses across Western Australia need to comply with conditions outlined in the COVID Safety Guidelines and prepare a COVID Safety Plan before they reopen, to protect staff and customers.

To find out the latest information about COVID-19 and various guidelines, we direct you to the following contacts:

Coronavirus Health Information Line: 1800 020 080

Council urges everyone to “BE Very Community Minded” and “BE Very Healthy” and continue to support our local Beverley businesses whilst practising social distancing and good hygiene.

Cr Don Davis

Shire President

Monday 18 May 2020

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