LG Elections 2019 - Early Voting Now Open

Published: Wednesday, 18 September 2019 at 10:08:55 AM

Early Voting is available at the Shire Office, 136 Vincent Street, during office hours Mon - Fri 8:30am - 4:00pm.

If you would like to receive a postal vote, please contact the Shire Office no later than Friday 11 October 2019.

There are four, four year terms available.

Candidate Profiles:


I made Beverley my home 15 years ago and have lived in the town for most of that time. Work commitments took me away for brief periods of time.

I started life in a small town in Victoria and was a farmer until 30 years of age then joined the Police Force, retiring after 28 years there as a front-line officer then a Police Prosecutor.

I recently ceased employment on a large farming property where I was involved in maintenance and grain finishing of domestic and export cattle.

Throughout my working life I have constantly been involved in the road transport industry.

I now have the time to give back to the community so am standing for Local Government.

If elected I will endeavor to listen to all sections of the community and present their thoughts and concerns to the Council.

 MB: 0429 996 040

6 Smith Street, Beverley



It’s been 26 years since I arrived in Beverley and I’ve felt part of this Community for nearly all of that time.

I’ve worked here, shopped here and supported nearly all local business and sporting clubs.

The last 4 years on the Council have gone by in a flash and made a huge impression on the way I think about our wonderful community.

I feel there is still much to be done and I would be privileged to be an ongoing part of this Council and Community.

MB: 0429 867 940

203 Bennets Road, Beverley WA 6304



 “I Stand For Accountability And Progress”

○ Beverley Shire Councillor 2007-2019

○ Married with 2 adult children

○ Beverley resident for 18 years

○ Retired Fire Fighter-32 years service with W.A.F.B.

○ 2 years with Airport Fire Service

○ 9 years service with R.A.N.

I am a strong believer in open and accountable government, I am ready to listen to rate payers and residents, and raise appropriate issues at Council Meetings.

I am aware of the need for employment opportunities for local youth in the community and that Local Business should be encouraged and supported.

I am keen to see implementation of future planning, development and conservation strategies and I support improving the services available to Beverley community, including retention of the hospital, medical facilities and Volunteer Emergency Services.

MB: 0403 822 772

Lot 200 Richardson Street, Beverley WA 6304



My name is Matt Norman and I live in Westdale with my partner Ellie and our daughter.

We have been at our property for 5 years and made it our home for the past two. Our family is committed to making Beverley our home and representing our community on Council is part of that commitment. We love the country atmosphere and community feel that Beverley offers and it would be a privilege to contribute to that social fabric.

I have previously served on a Metropolitan Council for 8 years and understand the Local government process and strategic decision making required to plan, develop and provide for a community. Experience and knowledge that I would like to offer.

I believe Beverley has the right ingredients to be an attractive destination for business, tourism and families. I offer my enthusiasm, perspective and commitment to this endeavor and ask for your support.

Ph: 9647 1162, MB: 0418 656 448

6735 Brookton Hwy, Westdale



Hello my name is Thomas (Tom) Buckland

I moved to Beverley in 2009, in which time I have taken an interest in the town. I am a member of the RAOB (Buffs).

I have previously had one term on the Beverley Shire Council 2013-2017. I have had five years on the Local Health Advisory Group.

There is a lot to do here, as I have also been a Shire Works Supervisor prior- these things stand out.

I would try to get Edison Mill Rd bituminised and opened up with signs showing Beverley off the Brookton Highway.

I have seen the town slowly growing since I arrived and would like to see it grow further. This would be a benefit to all the community. We have a lot of road work to be done in our area which I support all the way. Tourism in Beverley I look towards increasing.

MB: 0419 945 240

16 Simmons Rd, Beverley



I nominate for Community Service and the promotion of the Shire and Community of Beverley.

I have farmed a property in Westdale for 21 years. I have three children and two grandchildren. I worked 40 years in Education including Principal of three District High Schools, Narrogin Agricultural College and three city Senior High Schools.

My interests include country lifestyle; community involvement; music; the arts; and outdoor activity.

I am an active member of Beverley Gun Club and Beverley Men’s Shed. For 6 years through CRC provided voluntary tax help to people of Beverley. Volunteered for Beverley Ambulance. Worked 6 years as Sampler at Dale CBH Bin. Have supported several Beverley organisations with music.

I have no vested interest. Maintenance and development of all roads is important. Maintenance and development of Community facilities in line with responsible budgets and community needs will also be important.

MB: 0427 517 928


1085 Edison Mill Road, Westdale

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