Shire Presidents Report

November 2017

Local Government Elections

Following the recent Local Government elections the Beverley Shire Council 2017 – 2019 has been formed and comprises of newly elected Councillors Sue Martin, Tim Seed and Chris Pepper (a former Councillor); re-elected Councillors Don Davis, David White and Peter Gogol, and continuing Councillor’s Lew Shaw, Daryl Brown and Dee Ridgway. Cr Ridgway has been elected as Shire President and Cr Pepper has been elected Deputy Shire President.



Thankyou to all candidates who nominated in the Beverley Local Government elections. There was sound interest, both from the candidates contesting the election and from the almost 30% of residents and rate-payers who participated by voting. Whilst Peter McKenna, Bill Thompson, Shane Negus and former Councillor Tom Buckland were unsuccessful in the election, their preparedness to make themselves available to represent our community is appreciated.

Thankyou also goes to former Councillors Jim Alexander and Keith “Jundy” Murray. Jim did not re-nominate for the election after having been a Shire Councillor for 12 years 2005 - 2017, including Shire President 2007 – 2009; Jundy resigned mid-term after serving as a Shire Councillor for 10 years 2007 – 2017, including as a very supportive Deputy Shire President 2015 -2017.  


CEO Contract Extension

Council is pleased to announce that contract negotiations with current Chief Executive Officer Stephen Gollan have been finalised to secure his services with the Shire of Beverley for a further three years commencing January 2018.


2016/2017 Annual Report and 2017 Annual Electors Meeting

The 2016/2017 Annual Report has been approved by Council and is now publicly available. The Annual Electors Meeting to receive the report will be held on Wednesday 15th November commencing 6pm at the Lessor hall.



Whilst work has been underway on the corner of Vincent and Dawson streets to clear the site and install a retaining wall in readiness for construction of the Beverley Cornerstone there are many of us in the community who would have had some sadness at seeing the old buildings removed. The demolished buildings are to be recognized within the new universally accessible centre, where a range of facilities and services will be available for current and future community, business, visitors and tourists; in a building with contemporary art deco external features.


Silver Centenary and Aeronautical History

Interpretative panels are being developed for installation in the Vampire shelter on Hunt road which will recognise aeronautical history in the region. A model replica of the Silver Centenary is currently being built by Deiter Prussner for display in the new Cornerstone Museum and Visitor Centre. Deiter has provided regular updates to Council and it is interesting to see the detail of this project.



Bituminizing is due to commence on sections of Westdale road and Mawson road. Nicholas street (rubbish tip) the gravel section will be the next road to be sealed.


Water Re-use

The waste water re-use system is now operational. The water is mixed with water from the dam before it is used on the oval and is regularly checked as required by the Department of Health.


Bushfire Risk

Please ensure you have your property well prepared for the impending summer season to reduce fire risk. There is a lot of grass around following the flooding earlier in the year and then a healthy amount of winter rain following the dry start. Make sure you are prepared, know your plan in the event of a fire, and take care.


BeverleyWA Branding and Marketing Info Session – 10th November 2017

An information sundowner is being held at the CRC on Friday 10th November for community groups to learn more about the BeverleyWA branding and marketing and how they might be able to use the logo and assist with the promotion of Beverley. Details elsewhere in the Blarney.

Visitor Centre Volunteers Pilot Project – Information Thursday 16th November

An information afternoon tea is being held at the CRC on Thursday 16th November 2.30 – 4pm to learn about what is being proposed for the Visitor Centre Volunteers Pilot Project. This is open to those who have already applied to be involved and to others who would like more information to support their potential application.


CCZ Golf Day

Beverley recently hosted the 2017 Central Country Zone (CCZ) Golf Day. Around 66 players including sponsors, Councillors and staff from the CCZ region of 15 Local Governments had a great day taking advantage of the Beverley Golf Club facilities.


Beverley Heroic

This year’s Beverley Heroic proved to be another great weekend in Beverley with many visitors and cycling enthusiasts enjoying a wide range of cycling activity which included “The Beverley Road Race”, cyclocross racing, The Heroic and Brevet Populaire, town heritage ride and an interesting display of bikes and cycling history. Several locals participated in the various activities over the weekend including Nigel Bailey who raced in the road race on Saturday and then rode the Heroic 100 miles on Sunday and Dean Aynsley who raced the cyclocross on Saturday and then completed the Heroic on Sunday. The cyclocross was introduced to the weekend activities for the first time this year. It was located near the tennis club and proved very popular with spectators.


Vincent Street Banner Poles

The banner poles in the middle of Vincent street have raised a great deal of discussion in the community from time to time. Council’s long term plan to redevelop Vincent st proposes that they be removed however the project will rely on access to external funding sources so could be awhile away. In the mean time the question has been posed “Why not remove the banner poles now?” What do you think? Your feedback via the comments box at the Shire office would be welcomed.


“Cycling without Age”

Did anyone see the recent television segment “Cycling without Age”? What a great initiative and perhaps something that might happen in Beverley one day as an extension of the current cycling interest?!

 Cr Dee Ridgway

     Shire President