Shire Presidents Report

April 2017


Avondale Survey – please provide your feedback

Most people in the community would have received a survey in the mail recently seeking feedback and comments on Avondale. This information will assist the National Trust WA and Shire of Beverley to review and prioritise recommendations of the Avondale Masterplan and best focus development of the place. It may also provide information for the volunteer Avondale Farm Project Association to refine their role in support of Avondale. The survey is available online via the National Trust WA website ( or via the Shire of Beverley website ( and additional copies are at the Shire office and CRC. The survey will continue until after Easter.

Paddock Burning

REMINDER - Shire of Beverley Firebreak Order – paddock burns at any time throughout the year (including now in preparation for seeding) are required to have a firebreak 2.2m wide clear of all inflammable material completely surrounding the area to be burnt and an operational fire-fighting unit having a capacity of not less than 650Lt. Please ensure you are aware of the Fire-Break Order and follow its guidelines.


Cr Brown

Council’s thoughts have been with Cr Brown and best wishes offered for a speedy recovery following injuries sustained in a serious assault. Police investigations into the incident are continuing. 

York Williams Bridge Replacement

The bridge at the Brookton boundary on York Williams Rd (near Valentine Rd) is being replaced with a new 7 barrel culvert. The old bridge has been removed and a detour track installed. Wet weather has caused delays to the project.


Road Re-seals and New Bitumen

Road reseals have been undertaken by contractors on 7.4km of the York Williams road and two sections of the Westdale Rd. Work on these roads is part funded through the State Regional Road Group allocations. New bitumen has been laid in the town boundary on gravel sections of Railway, Grigson, Bartram, Barnsley and Queen streets.



Various roads and associated infrastructure in the Shire have been assessed for damage following the February emergency weather event. Cost estimates are being established for reinstatement with the aim of seeking WANDRRA (Western Australian Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements) assistance to undertake the works.


Shire Refuse Site

Graeme Tuddenham is contracted to manage the refuse site for the Shire and undertakes this task professionally and with care. Following the Department of Environment’s most recent inspection (which occur annually), the Shire received a letter outlining the Refuse Site meets the requirements as set out in the licence. Thank you and congratulations are extended to Graeme for his diligence and a job well done. Unfortunately some vandalism and break-in’s have been occurring at the refuse site which is being investigated, as is the installation of security cameras. Any information you may have about others less respectful of this facility would be welcomed by the Shire. On another note, works have commenced on the long awaited upgrade of Nicholas Street (road leading to the refuse site).  

Beverley Triathlon 2017

Congratulations to the dynamic Triathlon Committee, Beverley CRC, many volunteer helpers and to everyone who participated. What a fantastic event and another great day in Beverley!


Swimming Club Facilities Upgrade

Hon Christian Porter MP visited Beverley in March to compete in the 2017 Beverley Triathlon and unveil the Beverley Swimming Club Rooms upgrade, which was funded through a Federal Building our Future Community Development Grant for $23,000. Congratulations to the Beverley Swimming Club on receiving these funds and for having the work completed in time for the 2017 Triathlon.


Easter 2017

It will again be a busy time in Beverley over the Easter weekend with various activities including Saturday Markets at the Station, 49th Annual Art Exhibition and 84th Annual Easter Tennis Tournament. Please take care and enjoy the time with family and friends.

 Cr Dee Ridgway

     Shire President