The Shire of Beverley is responsible for the maintenance and upgrading of most roads within the Shire, as well as other properties and infrastructure it owns. The Shire employs a work gang comprising plant operators, gardeners, mechanic, building maintenance officer, cleaner and works supervisor.

Any queries or concerns regarding Shire works can be directed to Mr Steve Vincent, Council's Works Supervisor on 9646 1200.

The works crew on a jobWorks Requests

If you require any works to be completed that are under the control of Council, such as road grading or removal of debris, please fill out the form.

Private Works

Council can sometimes complete Private Works, as well as machinery hire (with operator). If you would like to obtain a quotation for Private Works, please fill out and send in the form. We strongly encourage you to support local business and suppliers and only use the Shire as your last option.