Outside Staff

In order to maintain the hundreds of kilometres of local roads, as well as the upkeep of the parks, reserves and other facilities within the Shire, Council employs the hardworking "outside" staff.

Council outside staff
Works Supervisor Stephen Vincent
Leading Hand Ian Moulton
Utility Worker Les Boyle
Utility Worker Alec Ferguson
Utility Worker Paul Mactaggart
Utility Worker Mal Turner
Utility Worker David Rattue
Utility Worker Ian Spence
Utility Maintenance Officer Darryl Burton
Head Gardener Malcolm Kehlet
Gardener Jamie Rekman
Gardener Ethan Moad
Gardener  Tim Gavin

Council also employs staff responsible for the town's swimming pool, cleaning, maintenance of Council buildings and the town refuse site:

Swimming Pool Manager Brad Miller
Cleaners Phyllis Facey & Maryka de Beer
Building Maintenance Supervisor Danny Gibson
Town Refuse Site Graham Tuddenham