Nominations & Elections

Council Elections

Councillors are normally elected for terms of 4 years in Western Australia. Elections are held for half of the Council every 2 years in October. Candidates are elected using the Preferential – Proportional Representation Voting System. Extraordinary elections are held if a vacancy occurs within a term.

The next election will be held in October 2015.

Residents are automatically enrolled to vote if registered on the State Electoral Roll. Owners of properties who do not reside at that property are not automatically eligible to vote in that ward and must lodge an Elector's Enrolment form.

Postal votes and early voting are accepted generally 2-3 weeks prior to the election date.

Nominations For Councillor

Nominations for Councillor positions are invited approximately 6 weeks prior to the date of the election and remain open for 2 weeks. Persons who are eligible to vote in the Council election are also eligible to nominate for the position of Councillor.

Nominations are made on the pro-forma available from the Council office.