Council Responsibilities

The Shire of Beverley is much more than just rates, roads and rubbish! The Shire operates the Public Library, swimming pool, recreation grounds, Community Bus and the Beverley Retirement Village. It is also responsible for the maintenance of the Beverley Airstrip and numerous historical public buildings.

These include the 1872 Dead Finish Museum, operated by the Beverley Historical Society, 1886 Railway Station, to be operated by the Beverley Art Gallery Society, the 1894 Old Beverley School, the 1897 Court House and the 1938 Town Hall. The Shire also owns the Beverley Aeronautical Museum building, which is operated by the volunteers of the Beverley Tourist Bureau.

Click here to download the Shire of Beverley Organisational Structure Chart

The Shire also takes an active role in providing health and medical services in the town. It provides accommodation and up-to-date equipment to the Beverley Medical Practice to ensure the community has some of the best local health facilities. In the current climate of insufficient doctors in rural communities Beverley proudly boasts three!

The Shire responsibilities reach to town planning, building and environmental health controls. It also assists State Government agencies in providing services such as health, education and conservation.

The Shire's works gang is responsible for the construction and maintenance of the Shire's local roads, reserves and facilities.